Places in the internet

Twitter (short)

All kinds of shenanigans. This is probably my most frequent, most social outlet. I tend to say things about tv shows, R and dataviz, or sometimes just arbitrary stuff.

Blog (long(ish))

Longer posts about dataviz projects, other R stuff or the occasional post about tv shows I like. Often, both topics are covered simultaneously, since I like throwing R at tv show data.

I like data. I like R. I like dataviz.

I like data. I like throwing code and/or math at data, molding it, visualizing it, learning about its structure, and be a little smarter afterwards. R let's me do exactly that. That's why I like R.

In case you want to throw money at me to do data stuff for you, please check out

I like shows

If you're serious about spending way too much time watching shows, you're going to need some help. For me, that's mainly, the glorious social tv/movie platform I use to track shows, check-ins, manage lists and of course, use their public API to receive reasonable amounts of fancy data.

As for anime – I like those a lot, too. I'm not the biggest anime geek in my social circle, but I try to catch up.

You can check out my watchlists, history, ratings and all that stuff on my profile.

I like Minecraft

Wurstmineberg is a whitelisted, vanilla (non-modded) Minecraft server I started with BenemitC in late 2012. Since then, There have been a lot of changes to Minecraft, the server, and the community around it. But the original Minecraft world is still intact, even though it looks a little odd by now. If you're interested in Minecraft or just the myriad of tools people on the server have built around it, check out